John Collins Cartoons; From World War to Hockey Wars

Jan 12, 1943
A while back I high-lighted the hockey related newspaper cartoons of the great John Collins of the Montreal Gazette. Interestingly, he began with The Gazette mainly as a political cartoonist, satirizing the main figures in the conflict of the Second World War. Collins would at times take a sporting angle while looking at the world events as seen in the above cartoon. This one depicts Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt looming over an over-matched Adolf Hitler, complete with swastika marking.

Oct 22, 1945
Collins would pretty much stay away from sports-themed drawings until after the War had ended. With the beginning of the 1945/46 NHL campaign, he diverted his talents to the far lighter realm of sports.

Oct 23, 1945
Dec 1, 1945
John Collins held his post as Montreal Gazette resident cartoonist until retiring in 1982. He would pass away in 2007 at 89 years of age.
Nov 24, 1945
Dec 3, 1945 
Dec 8, 1945
Dec 22, 1945
Nov 1, 1945
Nov 10, 1945
Nov 17, 1945


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