Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oilers 1979 Media Guide

This is Gretzky's and the Oilers first NHL Media Guide. Pictured on the cover are Wayne and goalie Dave Dryden in their WHA Oiler uniforms. They were the two big stars in the Oilers last season before the big time, with Dryden posting 41 wins and a 2.89 avg. Definitely worthy of sharing the cover of next years media guide. He would however only last 14 games in that inaugural NHL season as he was by then 38 years old, and NOT his brother Ken.
He was usurped in net by the immortal cast of Ed Mio, Ron Low, Jim Corsi, Don Cutts(??), and Bob Dupuis. Thank God Fuhr and Moog were soon to arrive, yikes.

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