Thursday, September 11, 2008

1979 Gretzky WHA Magazine

"He Signs! He Scores!"....I'll say, this is one of the more rare Gretzky covers I own. The Saint John's Edmonton Report was a regional magazine geared more towards business. He is pictured doing a cute little jump-step against the Stingers of Cincinnati featuring Mike Gartner, Robbie Ftorek, Mike Liut and a young punk named Mark Messier.This is the Feb. 9, 1979 issue right after the Wayner signed a contract on his 18th birthday.
Peter Pocklington, being the astute businessman he was (to go with his arseholery) had foresight in signing Gretz to a 'personal services' contract. He knew that when the WHA would soon to be absorbed into the NHL, most contracts would be voided. A personal services deal would bypass that and keep him his property. He was signed through to 1999 at ONE MILLION (Dr.Evil voice) dollars per year. The only caveat was a renegotiation option after 10 years....we all know where this lead.

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Ross said...

WTF no Newman tribute - this is the only blog in the world where I would expect a fitting tribute - pure bullshit here Stugotso

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