Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mike Green Update

Well, Mr.Green notched two more goals today to extend his streak to seven straight with a goal. I got lucky today, as I was driving home listening to the Rangers broadcast (on Satellite radio) of the game against Washington. During my twenty minute commute home, Green scored his first goal which promted announcer Kenny Albert and colour man Don Maloney to inform the listeners that Green had just tied the record for consecutive games scoring by a defenseman. What I could not find by searching on the internet a few days ago, I heard over the airwaves.
Albert announced that Green had just tied the NHL record of seven straight games set by Boston's Mike O'Connell in 1983/84. He also mentioned that the four other defenders who had went six consecutive games with a goal were O'Connell's team-mate Ray Bourque also in 83/84, Colorado Rockies Barry Beck, Bobby Orr, and Montreal Canadien Harry Mummery in 1920/21.

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