Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mosienko's Hat-Trick...Tainted?

Any good hockey fan knows that the record for fastest three goals by one player was achieved by Chicago's Bill Mosienko in 21 seconds. A really good hockey fan can also tell you that each goal was assisted by Gus Bodnar. However to know the actual circumstances of the record, is to understand that no matter how stellar it was it may not be as lusturous as first thought. With help from the 1974 book "The Fastest Sport" the details are explained.

The day was March 23, 1952. The last day of the NHL season. The last place Black Hawks were about to play the fifth place Rangers. Charlie Rayner, the Rangers stellar goalie had been sidelined for a while with an injury and their skilled replacement Emile Francis was more needed with the Ranger farm team that day in Cinncinnati. This left 20 year old Lorne Anderson to tend the New York goal. Anderson had played two games with the Rangers that season (this would be his last NHL game) but spent the rest of the year with the New York Rovers of the Eastern League. On top of this, Anderson had already played that very same afternoon at Madison Square Garden with the Rovers.

As well, New York's top defenseman Hy Buller had missed the past few games with a broken ankle, yet begged coach Bill Cook for the chance to play and break the team record for points by a defenseman (he was one point away). His wish was granted, and for more than two periods the seemingly short-staffed Rangers held a 6-2 lead.

With less than 14 mintes to play in an otherwise meaningless game, Mosienko was sprung at center by his linemate Bodnar. He went around the disabled Buller and fired a low shot home. Time of goal 6:09. From the center-ice draw, Bodnar again found Mosienko with a lead pass. Again, he slipped around Buller and scored again to Anderson's low right. Time of goal 6:20.
Another face-of at center, another pass from Bodnar...who did Mosienko have to beat? The ailing Buller once again. By now Anderson was expecting the low shot, so Mosienko ripped one high for his third goal. Time 6:30.

In no way am I saying that Mosienko's amazing feat was unimpressive. It is merely interesting to find out the details that perhaps aided in this piece of history.

The Hawks eventually won 7-6 and no, Hy Buller did not score his much desired point.


Bidnall said...
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Bidnall said...

Nice post. Very interesting. I would say the hat trick is quite tainted, to say the least.

Geoff_9 said...

a goal is still a goal Bidnall ... when is the last time your scored a hat trick ;)

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