Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada vs Switzerland

Last night was perhaps one of the more entertaining games that I have ever personally attended. The atmosphere in the arena was electric from an hour before puckdrop, right through the game. I was able to get down to the glass for warm-ups and got some pretty good shots. Our seats weren't too bad either, a dozen rows up on the goal line.
It's somewhat concerning that Canada couldn't quite get the powerplay going, and I really wish they'd start playing the body more. Playing Toews on the top line with Crosby and Nash was nice to see, and I really wish we'd see more of that combo. Doughty as well looked great for a kid his age, and I liked him getting some powerplay time. I have to say, I felt a lot more comfortable going into the shootout with Brodeur in net than if it was Luongo.

Below is the sea of red on the way into the rink. Nice day in Vancouver as you can see, it was about 12 degrees at game time.

Nice shot of Brodeur in warm up. Perry was the "puck-from-net-remover" throughout the warm up.

Fleury adjusting his equipment, from 3 feet away.

Fleury taking shots.

Big Joe and Sid. I'd like to see more out of Thornton.

Marleau and Toews.

Iggy slapper.

The Kid.

Heater, Nash and Iggy.
Opening faceoff, not bad seats.

One of the many big stops by Hiller.

Brodeur stonewalling in the shootout

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