Monday, May 3, 2010

Joe Pavelski...Hot

Joe Pavelski has two goals and one assist in each of the Sharks last three games. Somewhat surprisingly, nobody has notched three consecutive multiple goal games in the playoffs in almost 18 years. From May 23 to May 28, 1992 Mario Lemieux had back-to-back-to-back two goal games. Mario's three game streak came in the last game of the semi-finals against Boston and the first two games of the final against Minnesota.
What makes Pavelski's run all the more impressive is the fact that goals are much harder to come by in 2010 than in 1992. In 1992/93 the NHL averaged 6.96 goals for each game played. In 2009/10 the league scoring average was 5.68 G/GP, 82% of the previous era.
On another topic, is it just me or is there an inordinate number of rookie defensemen making an impact in this year's playoffs? Montreal's P.K. Subban is getting all the press after showing poise under pressure and scoring 3 points in his first 4 games. Subban is also now playing over twenty minutes a game against Pittsburgh. Johnny Boychuk of Boston has stepped up with four points in seven games and played an amazing 33 minutes, 29 seconds in game one against the Flyers. Boychuk's minutes were the most of anyone on the ice, even Chara and Pronger. In the first round against Buffalo, Boychuk averaged 25:51 per game.
San Jose's Jason Demers has three points in eight games while getting the fifth most defense playing time on the Sharks. Ottawa's Erik Karlsson scored six points in six games in their first round loss, and still leads all NHL rookies in playoff scoring by a two point margin.
Capitals John Carlson looked like a bigger Mike Green against the Canadians with 4 points and a +6, both numbers better than Green.
All this, and we haven't mentioned Calder candidate Tyler Myers who had one goal in the six game loss to Boston yet averaged 25:54 in playing time.


Fredrik Vilborg said...

Love your blog but, auch! That 92/93 season average is perhaps not a good comparison since it firstly was'nt the season Lemieux scored that special "hat-trick" in, secondly there was something odd with that season. I dont know why since i have never gotten a good explanation for it but the goal per game average suddenly went through the roof that season, all other seasons surrounding it was at another pretty steady average. Would love if you would find out what was up with that season!

Let's go pens!

Nitzy said...

Thanks for the correction Fred, I actually just mislabelled the season as 92/93, I had the correct Goals per Game of 6.96, but it should have read 91/92.
You're right, 92/93 had an even higher rate of 7.25. Within two seasons it was down to 5.97/game and falling fast. I think the 92/93 rate was simply an anomally spike on the way down from the fire-wagon 80's

Fredrik Vilborg said...

I did'nt know it was so close between 92 and 93, must have been fooled by the league leaders and a bad memory from looking into it a couple of years ago.

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