Thursday, June 24, 2010

62nd pick in the draft

Brian Burke has said he wants a "prospect" with the Leafs first pick in the 2010 draft. The fact that the Buds don't pick until the 62nd selection doesn't seem to be an issue for Burkie. I decided to look at what if anything has been obtained in the past with the 62nd pick.

There have been 41 NHL drafts in which at least 62 selections have been made dating back to the 1969 Amatuer Draft. Nine players selected in the 62nd slot have managed to play at least 200 NHL games including current players Paul Martin in 2000, David Backes in '03 and Kris Letang in '05. Three pretty good players.
The best player picked at number 62 in the draft would have to be Kris Draper, picked by Winnipeg in 1989. Drapes has managed 19 NHL seasons and 1110 games, tallying 353 points, four Cups and the 2004 Selke Trophy. I'm pretty sure Burke would take that with his pick.

Other notables at the 62nd selection are Mario Marois by the Rangers in 1977 who played 15 years and had 433 points in 955 games. The Islanders picked Jeff Norton in '84 and he produced 384 points in 799 games. In 1979, Quebec picked Lee Norwood at number 62 who would play 12 seasons and 503 games. In '74 Pittsburgh took Mario Faubert and in '81 St. Louis selected Gord Donnelly. It would seem there is just over a 20% chance of getting a solid NHLer (history would say most likely a defenseman) at 62nd overall.

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