Sunday, February 27, 2011

Golden Memories, and things I'd forgotten

Do your self a favour, watch the 2010 Gold Medal game again. TSN2 replayed the game in it's entirety today and I managed to catch most while I was PVRing it. I had not seen the game since the day it was played and it really is amazing how many little turning points and points of interest that I had forgotten after the euphoria of the overtime winner (it may have also been the six-pack I drank during the game). Below are a few points from later in the game that stood out to while watching it once again.

  • With a 2-1 lead going into the third, Canada hits two posts behind Ryan Miller in a span of 45 seconds in the first two minutes of the period. Shots by Shea Weber then Chris Pronger had the tender beat but couldn't find the twine.
  • With just over three mintes left in the third Sidney Crosby had a breakaway and was hassled from behind by Patrick Kane just enough to not get a clean shot.
  • When USA coach Ron Wilson pulls Miller at the 1:30 mark, the extra attacker he sends out is none other than Phil Kessel. After the subsequent US timeout at the whistle ten seconds later Kessel is not on the ice.
  • On a 45 foot shot by Joe Pavelski, Roberto Luongo bobbles the puck into the slot allowing the play to continue leading to Parise's equalizer 12 seconds later.
  • A mere 15 seconds before Crosby won it in overtime, Scott Niedermayer coming out of his end puts the puck right on Joe Pavelski's stick resulting in a terrific USA scoring chance.
  • On the winner, the puck gets slightly held up in referee Bill McCreary's skates on the boards forcing Crosby to poke the puck one-handed back to Iginla in the corner.
  • There was almost five minutes of whistle-less play leading up to the winning goal.

Right about this point is where it all becomes a blur for me. I do know my house full of celebrants (children too) immediately headed outside to the street. We ended up taking the Seabus ferry from North Vancouver to downtown to join in the revelry. The full boat of people sang Oh Canada, repeatedly. I also remember my five year old daughter being worried that I was walking down the middle of the road with my hockey stick flag high fiving people in cars. I assured her there was nothing to worry about, daddy's just excited.

This game truely was one for the ages. I think I'll watch it again.

I found this clip of the winner form someone in the crowd with an angle I'd never seen before from right behind Crosby.

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