Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Little Saturday Fun

We here at Nitzy's Hockey Den try to be purveyors of hockey research and history.... factual, real history. Today I provide a little fake history as a change of pace.
Over the last year I have been collecting vintage hockey equipment just for fun. I first picked up some TruLine Custom skates. They're an entirely leather boot with about as much ankle support as a wet noodle. The blades are the classic "tube style" and are about an inch longer than my current skates, plus there is no rocker on them. They date to about the early to mid-1960's.

The gloves I got on ebay for $25 and are in fantastic shape. They are made by Cooper-Weeks and have such sophisticated features as "Genuine Cowhide" "Shock Shield" cuffs, "Armourflea Thumb" and "Magic Grip" palm. I believe they date to the late '50s.

The stick is a CCM Senior, plain and simple wood stick from the '60s. It's just about as straight as can be, but it is labelled RIGHT on it. I shoot left personally, but the "curve" is so minimal it didn't really matter.

The jersey is actually a mid-30s replica, but I had to fudge it closer to the equipment's age so I called it 1948.

I went out before a shinny skate my team had at the old rink in North Vancouver and just shot a little footage. There's no way I was going to play in even a shinny game with those skates and no helmet. Safety first at Nitzy's Hockey Den.
Higher quality copy of the video on YouTube...

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Will H said...

I love the hollow/tinny sound of the old skates!

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