Friday, April 8, 2011

Sedin or Perry. Who's your man?

Corey Perry will win the Hart Trophy this year as the NHL's most valuable player. Over the last month or so Perry has passed Sedin as the favourite and will win the Hart for a number of reasons.

When comparing players I like to use categories that put different players on an even playing field. Even Strength scoring, Scoring in Divisional games and Road Scoring are great ways to measure a player's impact and or superiority. In most of these categories, Perry has Sedin beat rather convincingly.

(League Ranking in Parentheses)

  • Even Strength Points: Perry 62 (1), Sedin 61 (2)

  • Even Strength Goals: Perry 31 (1), Sedin 23 (18)

  • Divisional Points: Perry 31 (1), Sedin 27 (3)

  • Divisional Goals: Perry 17 (1), Sedin 11 (13)

  • Road Points: Perry 50 (2), Sedin 55 (1)

  • Road Goals: Perry 28 (1), Sedin 24 (2)

As well, Perry has been by far the top scorer since the All-Star break and almost single-handedly kept Anaheim in the playoff hunt.

  • Points Since All-Star Game: Perry 46 (1), Sedin 38 (3)

  • Goals Since All-Star Game: Perry 25 (1), Sedin 14 (10)

When compared to their own teammates, Perry stands out even more. While Daniel Sedin has collected 9 more points and 1 more goal than the nearest Canuck, Perry has 19 more points and 16 more goals than the second place Duck.

Oh, and Perry leads the NHL in Game Winning Goals with 11, one more than Daniel. In my mind there really is no contest in the Hart Trophy race Corey Perry is the man.

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