Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hockey Mystery Photo #3

Time for a quick one. This should be fairly easy as the Kansas City Scouts existed for only two seasons 1974/75 and 75/76. The game is obviously taking place in Montreal as the Canadiens are wearing their whites. Guy Lafleur and Pete Mahovlich are easily identified and don't help narrow it down as they played just about every game over those two years.

The Kansas City player at the top of the image has a "2" on his back and a "1" on the left elbow. Number 21 on the Scouts was Norm Dube and Phil Roberto. The 21 in the photo shoots Left, Roberto shot Right, Dube Left. Dube did play one game in the second year of the Scouts, but it looks like this is from the 1974/75. Number 5 on Kansas City was Brent Hughes the first season and Gery Bergman in the second season. Now, unless Bergman had a Bobby Hull-like hair transformation, that's not him in this picture. Bergman was cue-ball bald for years by the mid-1970's and in fact in his year with the Scouts he wore a Denis Potvin style helmet. The card of Brent Hughes below does resemble the number 5 in our photo. This pic has to be from 1974/75.

Now we get to a slight dead-end. Kansas City visited Montreal on two occaisons this season. They lost 7-2 on Dec.28, 1974 and again 4-1 on March 29, 1975. Nothing else in the photo allows us to differentiate between the games. During the March 29th game, Lafleur notched his 50th goal of the campaign at he 14:04 mark of the first. One of the assists went to Pete Mahovlich. This could very well be the instant were The Flower records his first of six consecutive 50 goal seasons.
For our purposes and for the sake of drama, let's say that's whats going on in this mystery image.

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