Monday, September 19, 2011

Oddball Hockey Memorabillia

When I first started the Hockey Den, I intended it as a showcase for my hockey collection and it has since evolved into more of an analysis of hockey history and statistics. In fact I am indeed always adding memorabillia to the Den, and yesterday I picked up some nice oddball stuff.

Above and below are cards from Lipton Soup issued in 1974. Bobby Hull in the original Jets jersey is a fairly rare card, and I love the photo of the rookie year Borje Salming sprawling to block a shot.

The next one is a 1983 issue from the Hockey Hall of Fame picturing Cyclone Taylor. This was back at the time that the Hockey Hall shared a building with the Canadian Sports Hall on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition. Pretty much every time I visited the CNE for the fair or for a Blue Jays game, I would go to both Halls. If I recall, they were free admission, times sure have changed.

These next two are part of a sticker set put out in 1974 by Loblaw's a grocery store chain in Canada. The Orr goes for about $20 on ebay.

This next one I find very interesting. It's from a series called Bulgaria Sports Photos. This cigarette card was issued in 1932 and pictures I believe two German teams. As far as I can decipher (with google translator) the teams are Zeheldorfer Wespen (Wasps) and Charlottenburger. The Wasps were victorious 2 to 0. This card appears to fetch at least $100, which is cool as I paid 10 for it.

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Anonymous said...

On lunch break, doing some clicking...I believe the Bobby Hull card picture is from the Quaker Oats set, not the Lipton set: the QO set is 'paper' stock, not press board...I could be wrong, but...I've been trying to collect the last few from that Quaker Oats WHA set for a little while. Enjoy the site. Donald

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