Friday, February 17, 2012

Maple Leafs vs. Canucks, the last 20 years.

Sure it's been 3000 odd days since Toronto has beaten Vancouver, but the domination hasn't always been one sided in the Canucks favour. I looked at Leaf/Canuck match-ups over the last twenty years dating back to Oct. 21, 1991 and found some interesting numbers.

Torono and Vancouver have tangled exactly 50 times since that day over 20 years ago and the overall record is 23-20-7 in favour of Toronto. That means that prior to the current skid, the Leafs had a record of 23-13-6 over a 12 year period playing the Canucks.

In games at Vancouver over the last 20 years, Toronto still holds an 11-10-4 advantage despite losing the last four games here. In Toronto, the Leafs are 12-10-3 over the same time. The largest win for either team since 1991 was on Feb.22, 1993 when the Leafs came to Van City and thrashed the Canucks 8-1. Nikolai Borschevsky scored a pair and Gilmour, Krushelnyski and Anderson each had three points.

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