Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1972 Summit Series, Get your tickets!

I found this in while looking up 1972 Summit Series articles in Google news archives. This was the order form published in newspapers across Canada on July 15, 1972.  There would be a lottery draw to determine who would have the oppurtunity to purchase one pair of the 58,718 total seats to the four games to be played in Canada.

Canadians had a month to submit the entry form, choosing only one of the games as their preference. By August 16th the Canadian Press reported that 371,793 total entry forms were sent in which means they had about a one in ten chance of winning the lottery. Upon winning the lottery a pair of tickets could be purchased for the kingly sum of $15.

One of the lucky winners turned out to have a close connection to Team Canada. Assistant coach, John Ferguson had entered the name of his 13 year-old daughter for the game at the Montreal Forum. Ferguson said, "I wrote her name on a coupon from a newspaper here in Toronto before I left for Russia (on a scouting trip). She got the letter yesterday saying her name had been drawn...they're great seats. Row A, box seats."

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