Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaf's 1964 Record Album, Let's Talk Hockey

 I picked up this beauty recently, a full LP record album from 1964 featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs. I haven't tried playing it, but it looks to be in fine shape. The record came with a cool insert booklet outlining all the lessons learned. Some cool shots of old Leaf greats.
 Leafs were coming off their third consecutive Stanley Cup victory, so people did indeed want to know a few of their training secrets. However, this album could have just as easily been titled, "How to Win One More Cup in the Next 50 Years". Ouch, a self-zinger.

 Johnny Bower showing how to play your angles and displaying his famous poke-check.
 Tim Horton giving Dave Keon his attention as well as showing the "old-fashion" way to block a shot. No laying down on the ice back in the '60's, they'd rather take a puck to the face.

Andy Bathgate demonstrating the all important art of "stick-gripping". This one must have been for the introductory level hockey player.

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