Shore/Bailey Incident, Rare Photos

Here are a few more photos from the Boston Public Library archives. These are from a game at The Garden on December 12, 1933 and the aftermath of the Eddie Shore Ace Bailey incident.

The first shot is the immediate aftermath of Shore slew-footing Bailey, flipping him to the ice and fracturing his skull. Boston (light jersey) #5 is Dit Clapper surveying the scene. Also seen are Toronto's goalie George hainsworth, #10 Joe Primeau and #17 Buzz Boll on the ice and #16 Charlie Sands standing at the bench at bottom-centre.

This is from a few seconds later, #16 Sands has come off the bench and is now helping to attend to Bailey. Other Leaf numbers visible are #8 Baldy Cotton, #5 Andy Blair, #11 Busher Jackson and #17 Boll. Bruin winger #10 Joe Lamb shows concern over Shore who was prone on the ice after a retaliation punch by Red Horner. Gentleman in long coats, presumably doctors are being assisted onto the ice surface. As well, a member of the Boston police force is standing on the ice near at the upper-centre.

Bruin goalie, Tiny Thompson and #4 Alex Smith among others have helped coax Shore to his feet a short time later. Sands, #12 Hec Kilrea and Blair mill about as #2 Red Horner stands alone. The man in the fur coat heads off the ice.

These really are amazing shots of what happened directly after one of the most gruesome incidents in NHL history.


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