Monday, August 26, 2013

1967/68 Toronto Maple Leafs Official Fact Book

 Here's the latest addition to the actual Hockey Den, the team Fact Book issued for the 1967/68 campaign. Toronto of course had just won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in the 1960's, and alas this would be the last for a while.

At least our history was well documented and beautifully preserved in the books, guides and programs that I collect from the era. It may be a lifetime ago, but man it sure displays nicely in a den.

 Here's a few of the interior layouts, firstly showing the last Cup winning squad and below, the great Tim Horton.
 The back of the guide had a terrific ad for Becker's Milk. This, for anyone who grew up in Southern Ontario will bring back many childhood memories. Becker's along with Mac's had small convenience stores in pretty much ever village, town and hamlet and I believe still exist in some. My neighbourhood Becker's was a three block jaunt up the hill where I purchased many a pack of hockey cards or stickers as well as a Creamsicle for the walk home. When I had an extra quarter I'd pick up one of my favourites, a chocolate covered/ marshmallow broomstick. A real cavity opener, that one.

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