Sunday, September 15, 2013

Four Games in Four Nights, Game Three

As NHL training camps kick into gear, my own beer league season is under way as well. This weekend, I have a gruelling four games in a row Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Gruelling, if only for the fact that I am personally feeling older and slower pretty much every time I step on the ice.
Well, this is not going very well. Another loss for the Generals, this time 7-3. Although this was my higher calibre hockey, it was almost a carbon copy of the previous evening's Flying Vees loss. 

Just like the Vees, the Gens got down early and never could claw back. also like the night before, we out shot and out chanced the opponents. The problem was, they finished on their chances while we rarely did. Afterwards in the dressing room (my LW, Bidzy in foreground above), our despondent bunch was attempting to come to terms with the terrible 0-2 start the season. Immediately talk turned to the fact that we perhaps should have entered the 30+ age division this season.

The majority of us had agreed this past summer, that maybe the time had come to get out of the open-age division hockey. The only problem is, one of our defencemen and a real great teammate is only 28 years old. If we joined 30+, he couldn't play, as well as few of our regular spare players. We decided to give it a go at least one more season in open-age hockey.

Truth be told, the team that beat us last night were probably all over 30 anyway, and the way we couldn't finish chances and gave up odd-man rushes, we wouldn't have beaten a 60+ aged team.

So, it looks like if we don't get our shit together, the Generals are in for a long season. Tonight I have a game with the 2 win/ 1 loss Flying Vees coming off an awful Friday night loss. The possibility of an "oh-for-four" weekend is staring Bidzy and I in the face, time to put an to this nonsense.

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