Thursday, August 21, 2014

Glenn Hall, Playmaker

I was watching a bit of the NHL Network's Pioneers series a few days ago. It was a half hour bio/interview with Mr. Goalie, Glenn Hall. Near the end of it, I saw this...

It was shown without any description or reference to it, simply a highlight of Hall's career. I just had know what the heck was going on in this clip. From what I could derive, the game took place on February 16, 1969 when Minnesota visited St. Louis and the Blues won 6-0.
At the start, Hall is seen bolting from the net on what can only be assumed is a delayed-penalty on Minnesota.
As the Blues defender (Barclay Plager) clears the zone, Minnesota's Bill Goldsworthy stabs at it and pokes it directly into Hall's path.
Hall takes the opportunity, and skates with the puck for a bit. Knowing he'd be penalized for handling the puck past the centre line, he dishes the puck to teammate Terry Crisp.
#12 Terry Crisp turns the North Star defender inside out (it may be #10 Ray Cullen on a backcheck).
He then beats North Star goaltender Garry Bauman with a fairly long shot. 
Crisp then celebrates with Red Berenson.

To top it all off, this goal was a shorthanded marker. The boxscore shows the goal as follows;

STL : Crisp 5 (Hall, Plager Ba) (SH) 9:38 

An extremely rare first assist for a goaltender. Hall recorded only three assists with St. Louis and only 10 over his entire career, but at least one of them was a real beauty.

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