Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Play Goal by Johnny Bower

I picked up this little beauty on the weekend, it's a small booklet issued by Coca-Cola in 1966. The instructional book is chock-full of tips on playing goal from Toronto Maple Leaf, Johnny Bower. More importantly, it's also filled with fantastic comic-book style images of the goaltending legend in action. Check them out below.

Bower, straining to touch his toes. Nice Bicycle though.
Bower's crouch position depends on his level of back pain.

Obviously Mike Palmateer learned the kick-save from this book as a young boy.
How to bobble a puck in the air AND on the ice.

This one's titled, "Too many Habs!"
Perfect execution of the upper-sternum save.

The fruit of all that labour.

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Neil Blackman said...

I was given this booklet as a novice goaltender at age 6 in 1967. I was thinking about it when I heard that Johnny had passed away. I found it very helpful.
Thanks for posting it.
Neil Blackman

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