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Hockey Reporting, Circa 1901

I came across this terrific article in the newspaper archives of The Nelson Tribune dated January 30, 1901. It's a write-up about a the first game of the Stanley Cup challenge between the Winnipeg Victorias and the Montreal Shamrocks. The article itself is bordering on the hilarious as it really is merely a play-by-play account of the action on the ice. I mean, a literal play-by-play report of the entire game; from offside calls, goaltenders stopping the play, pucks getting 'lifted' into the grandstand and on and on. Check it out below and replay the action in your imagination.

MONTREAL, January 29, 1901.—The hockey game between the Victorias of Winnipeg and the Shamrocks of Montreal was faced off at 8:10 p.m. The game was very even. Johnson secures puck, loses it, and Grant lifts. Brennan secures puck, going down to Victoria's goal. Brown makes a good stop. Bain shoots on goal off-side. First game for Shamrocks in six minutes. 
Dan Bain
Off again, Trihey secures puck but loses it to Bain. Bain makes a run, but is stopped. Play is all in Victoria's vicinity. Johnson makes a run, but loses to Scanlan, who takes it down to Victorias' end, offside. Off again, Bain secures puck, and passes to Gingras, who loses to Grant. Grant makes lift off-side. Off again, Trihey passes to Scanlan, who passes to Johnson. Bain makes the second game for Winnipeg in two minutes. 
Harry Trihey
Off again, Wood shoots on goal, loses it. Johnson has it, loses to Brennan. Trihey secures, loses to Woods. Bain secures, makes a hot shot on goal, but misses. Another long lift by Flett; Grant makes a shot. Gingras loses to Scaulan. Woods shoots on goal but loses. Bain misses. Johnson makes shot on goal, misses Brennan loses,to Bain. Wall makes long lift. Magnus Flett passes to Johnson, Gingras makes a good run but he is stopped by Grant. Woods has the puck, loses to Brennan but gets it again. Johnson lifts on goal but misses. Grant makes long lift. Flett lifted puck into grand stand. Scanlan makes a run passes, Flett relieves, Gingras passes to Woods,who shoots on goal. Scanlan making run loses to Flett. Bain making great run shoots on goal but no go. Scrimmage around Shamrock's goal, off-side. Grant secures, loses to Johnson who loses to Grant. Fleet lifts. Third game for Victorias, Woods scoring in three minutes. Off again, Gingras secures, loses to Brennan, off-side. Off again, Trihey shoots on goal. Woods' game not counted. Trihey making for Victorias' goal, off-side. Off again, Trihey secures, loses to Gingras. Third game for Victorias, Bain scoring from a pass from Gingras. 
Antoine Gingras
Off again, Bain secures, but loses to Grant. Johnson secures, Bain has it again. Off again, Shamrocks' man kicking. Grant has it, but is stopped by Brown. Bain makes a hot shot on goal. Grant' secures, loses to Woods, who loses to Wall. Wall makes a long lift. Johnson secures, loses to Grant, who is making a run on Victorias' goal. Two men ruled off, one Victoria and one Shamrock. At half time it stood 3 goals to 1 in favor of Victorias. Woods scored fourth game. Off again at 9:52. Johnson secures, Bain shoots on goal. Trihey shoots on goal, Flett makes beautiful shot, Bain makes a run on Shamrocks' goal, but misses. Woods secures but is knocked down by Grant. Magnus and Brennan on fence. Farrell secures and shoots in fifth game for Shamrocks in five minutes.
Off again. Gingras secures and is working down ice. Bain secures and shoots on goal. Trihey secures and passes to Farrell, who loses to Woods. Again Gingras secures but falls. Wall lifts. Sixth goal for Shamrocks. Off again. Gingras passes to Bain, Woods shoots on goal. Loses to Wall. Bain loses to Farrell. Magnus relieves and Bain makes a run down the ice, off side. Again Farrell makes a hot shot on Victorias' goal. Seventh game scored by Woods for Victorias.

It was a fine exhibition. 

I like how it ends with a simple "It was a fine exhibition." After all the intricate details laid out, this is the only actual commentary that is given. It seems like it was indeed an exciting match though with "Woods" (Burke Wood) breaking a 3-3 tie late in the game. Winnipeg would go on to win the second match of the best of three series two days later on an overtime winner by Dan Bain. This was the second time the Winnipeg Victorias had won the Stanley Cup, the first was in 1896. They would retain the Cup for over a year, winning challenges from Winnipeg HC in February 1901 and Toronto Wellingtons in January 1902.

They would finally be de-throned by Montreal HC in March of the same year, never to win it again.

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