Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lester Patrick's All Time All-Stars, circa 1927

I found this terrific article from the Ottawa Citizen, dated February 15, 1927. The cartoon above was included with the article. It's written by Hall of Famer and then, current coach/ general manager of the New York Rangers. In it, Patrick selects his all-time all-star team from players who had retired by that point in hockey history, it's a veritable who's-who of turn-of-the-century hockey.

Patrick writes;

"Very frequently, I am asked by some red-hot fan to name the greatest player the game has ever known. My long experience in the game has taught me to be careful in naming my man, for nine chances out of ten I have not named the man the fan expected me to name, and then I have an argument on my hands."
"It is not my intention to attempt to  pick an all-star team from the ranks of present-day players, but I will attempt to to pick an all-time all-star aggregation from the ranks of players who have now passed out of competition."
"Here are my selections and what those old stars are doing now (1927)
Paddy Moran (Quebec), Canada Customs, Quebec, Canada.
Percy Lesueur (Ottawa), Mgr. Ice Arena, Windsor, Ont.
In their heyday, Moran and Leuseur were two of the smartest goalers I ever saw in action.
Ernie 'Moose' Johnson (Montreal Wanderers), trainman, Portland, Ore.
Hod Stuart (Montreal Wanderers), deceased
Silas Griffis (Kenora Thistles & Vancouver Maroons), manager Vancouver Sun
Frank McGee (Ottawa), deceased
Russell Bowie (Montreal Victorias) business in Montreal
Dubby was buit like a greyhound and was a super-star at all times and never had an off-night
Fred Taylor (Ottawa & Montreal Maroons) Canada immigration, Vancouver
Cyclone was one of the speediest skaters that ever performed with stick and puck.
Tom Phillips (Kenora Thistles) deceased
Billy Gilmour (Ottawa) business, Ottawa

A very nice representation of old-time hockey superstars, who could argue with Patrick other than perhaps adding himself to the roster. Each and every one of the players mentioned was eventually enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

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