Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Toronto Toros vs Cleveland Crusaders, Rare WHA Photos

Wayne Hillman, Gerry Cheevers, Bob LeDuc
Here is some more terrific, never-seen photos from Doug Petepiece. The game is a pre-season match between the WHA's Toronto Toros and Cleveland Crusaders. It took place prior to the 1973/74 season at the Ottawa Civic Centre. 

Gerry Cheevers of course, was beginning his second season with Cleveland after jumping to the WHA in the summer of 1972. He had helped the Boston Bruins to Stanley Cup wins in 1970 and 1972, then was first team All-Star and goalie of the year his first in the WHA. Cheever would leave the Crusaders in January of 1976 and return to Boston for five more years.

Bob LeDuc (pictured above) was a long time AHL veteran with the Providence Reds before going the  Ottawa Nationals for the inaugural WHA season. He was high scoring junior with the Sudbury Wolves, winning the Northern Ontario Junior scoring title in 63/64, 21 points ahead of the same-aged, future NHLer Wayne Maki. LeDuc had back-to-back 22 goal seasons his first two in the WHA.
Gary Jarrett, Wayne Hillman, Gerry Cheevers, Steve King
Grant Erickson (below) was in his second of three seasons with Cleveland and would score 23 goals in the 73/74 season after 15 the previous. He was a veteran of 6 NHL games, 4 with Minnesota in 69/70 and 2 with Boston in 68/69, where he scored his only NHL goal.
Wayne Carleton, Tom Simpson, Grant Erickson, Pat Hickey


Anonymous said...

Do you know the Cleveland goalie on a November 1972 Toros magazine wearing a al smith type mask? Thought the photo my be a preseason game or Whidden in a different mask. Thanks

Anonymous said...

1973 sorry

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