Friday, December 18, 2015

Boston Bruins 1972 Coloring Book

Now, I'm about the farthest thing from a Boston Bruins fan. But this recent find, this right here, may be one of the cooler items in my den. A Bruins colo(u)ring book issued in about 1972. It's in pretty damn great shape too, no childish colouring attempts at all.  Behold the 1970's awesomeness below.
If the name wasn't on the page, would you know this is Bobby?
The greatest Bruin ever.
This depiction of Derek Sanderson may be the most 1970's thing ever.
Powerplay, showing players NOT on the first unit.

Espo, Create your own background!
Pie, just terrific.
Espo potting one against the New Jersey Generics 
Sanderson attempting to fornicate with the net, no surprise.

1 comment:

spyboy1 said...

A Bruins coloring book? You are going to need extra black, yellow and peach crayons.

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