Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More 1980s Gretzky Posters

Last week I posted a fantastic early 1980s Wayne Gretzky poster. Here a few more that I had as a kid, and have re-purchased as an adult. The top one is a 7-Up ad from 1981. The soda company surrounded The Kid with fellow NHL "stars" Morris Lukowich and Richard Sevigny...good choices. In fairness, Lukowich was the pre-Hawerchuk star of the original Jets, leading the team in goals in their first two NHL campaigns with 33 and 35. The season this poster was released, Lukowich posted his career best numbers of 43 goals, 92 points. Hawerchuk certainly helped with those.
In 1981, Richard Sevigny was coming off a season in which he shared the Vezina Trophy with teammates Dennis Herron and Bunny Larocque (this was the last year the Vezina was simply awarded to the team with the lowest goals allowed). He would never match his 2.40 GAA from that season and was lit up by Gretzky's Oilers in those '81 playoffs as Edmonton swept Montreal in three games.
7-Up included other sports on this one as well. There is no jersey number visible, but the Montreal Expo is definitely Gary Carter. He's shown tagging out a no-name Cincinnati Red at the plate. I'll guess that the Vancouver Whitecap shown is their current team president Bobby Lenarduzzi, but I'm not interested enough to look it up. The two CFLers from Winnipeg and Edmonton shown at the bottom...does it really matter?
7-Up went back to the Great One in 1982 but this time he was by himself. This one is a classic that every eleven year old boy in Canada had hanging on his bedroom wall.

This, slightly more artsy poster I believe also came out in the early 1980s. I don't know too much about it, as I picked it up in a souvenir shop in Vancouver in the late 90s for a dollar. I do like the faux-North Stars-esque team he's playing in the upper part of the image. Pseudo Gilles Meloche is about to be schooled by a Gretzky wrap-around.
Neilson candy company issued a 50 card Gretzky set in 1982 with their Cookie Bars. This was a poster that was available as a premium that obviously did to have the NHL licensing rights. I'm surprised however that they obtained the rights to use Farrah Fawcett's hair.

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