Monday, October 31, 2016

1970s NHL Media Guides

I recently picked up a bunch of 1970s NHL media guides at the flea market, lots of great covers. The first one is the second year of the Washington Capitals showing goaltender #30, John Adams which is a strange choice seeing as he played only eight games for the inaugural Caps. He went 0-7 and posted a 6.90 GAA.
The next two are Bruins guides showing many of the team's all-time greats. The 76/77 guide shows some wacky charicatures of Don Cherry, Jean Ratelle and Brad Park.
The 76/77 New York Islanders guide combines some blurry, fast-paced action as  well as a dejected looking Denis Potvin.
The Sabres 74/75 guide pictures Rick Martin sporting some simply fantastic 70s sideburns.
72/73 North Stars guide looks like a version of the Odd Couple featuring Cesar Maniago and Gump Worsley. Bill Goldsworthy is the cover boy of the 74/75 media guide.
Speaking of wacky charicatures, the 76/77 Los Angeles Kings guide shows Butch Goring being hoisted upon the shoulders of Dave Hutchison and what appears to be a strange looking, facially contorted teammate. 
The last one shows Goring once again attempting to check the great Bobby Orr.

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