Monday, May 29, 2017

1972/73 NHL Transfers and 1974/75 Loblaws Stamps

Here are a few recent purchases to add to the Den collection. I love 1970's oddball hockey stuff, and it doesn't come more oddball than the old Letraset rub-off transfers that were big back in the day. Remember, there were no video games or computers, so we did what we could for indoor fun. I picked up two from the 1972/73 NHL "Hockey Action Replay" Transfers issue, still in unused, perfect condition. They were originally sold for ten cents per scene, and each came with a background on which to transfer the images and five images that could be rubbed onto the scene. Of course, once applied, the images were immovable and half of them tore as you peeled the paper backing. Boy did we have fun. 
I also got a bunch of intact sheets of Loblaws NHL Stamps that were given away free with the purchase of groceries. Each booklet of eight player stamps came with a handy coupon. "Save 8 cents on Dr. Ballard's Meat Dinners for Dogs", what a deal!

 I definitely need to get one of the old Loblaws albums to organize my collection. I managed to get some of the big names; Orr, Esposito, Mikita, Dionne, Gilbert, Ratelle, Potvin and Keon. The Denis Potvin is actually a rookie season issue too. They are all in real fine shape too. In their full panels these are worth a few bucks each (Orr a fair bit more), not bad for a cheap flea market purchase. Just look at all the glorious 1970's colours, fantastic.

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