Monday, August 28, 2017

1990 National Hockey Alumni Program

Here's something I picked up at a thrift store recently that I have never seen before. It's a souvenir program from 190 of an old-timers series named Legends of Hockey between Russian and Canadian players.  The games seem to have been organized by the National Hockey Alumni Association headed by ex-player Larry Regan. The lineup page is shown below. Team USSR featured ten players who played in the 1972 Summit Series and Canada had nine guys. In addition, both squads had 32 year old Bill Derlago, 35 year old Dan Bouchard 36 year old Bob Bourne and Billy Smith and Tim Higgins who had just retired the previous year.
Here are the two team photographs in the program showing the Russians in a jersey I have never seen along with mis-matched socks. The Canadians are wearing pretty much exact replicas of the '72 Summit Series. 
Throughout the program there are photos from the '72 series and the 1979 Challenge Cup.
There's also a nice photo of the Russian old-timers visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and posing with the Stanley Cup.
As well, there are many great photos form previous games in the Legends of Hockey series including old-timer versions of Henderson and Cournoyer.
There is not much information  available on this series, if anyone knows any more or perhaps even attended the Legends of Hockey in 1990, feel free to share.

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