Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Maple Leafs Quaker Oats Booklets, Late 1940's

Check out these beauties. The latest additions to The Den are a couple of rare 70 year old items. These are two booklets issued by the Quaker Oats company in the late 1940's, just loaded with player headshots, hockey tips and most importantly; glowing recommendations of the goodness of Quaker Oats cereal. The first one was put out for the 1947/48 season and pictures Syl Apps and Hap Day on the front (above). The back cover of the booklet is below, the books (measuring about 5 x 7 inches) could be ordered simply by mailing in one box top.
Inside, the booklet is filled with hockey stars, each and every one proclaiming the wonders of a Quaker Oats start to their day; "the proteins, minerals and vitamin B1 help build muscles", "necessary for stamina and strength", etc.
In addition to hockey and nutritional tips, you could have ordered these terrific "Maple Leaf Premiums" shown below. I would proudly wear that "embossed ring" today, especially if I could get one for only 7 box tops and 15 cents!
In addition, kids could order up some swell new hockey equipment. 1940s gloves for 10 box tops and $3.75...yes please. I do have in my collection, some of the photos that could have been ordered.
The following year, Quaker Oats put out pretty much the same booklet only this time it was laid out horizontally. The 1948/49 issue shows Ted Kennedy on the cover (below).
Wouldn't you know, the Leafs won the Stanley Cup again in '48. Such heady times.
There was a changing of the guard as Syl Apps retired and Kennedy took over as Maple Leaf captain (yes, the Leafs used to actually have captains in the old days). Teeder still manages to reiterate his affirmation of Quaker Oats from the previous season, word for word.
All the Maple Leafs enjoyed the splendours of a Quaker Oats breakfast!

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