Thursday, December 13, 2018

Maple Leafs Magazine Project #1

Over the last few years I have been posting all the Maple Leaf game programs I own, dating back to 1930. I keep them over at what I call the Maple Leafs Programme Project. The long term goal is to try to collect at least one Leafs program from every year played in Maple Leaf Gardens. I believe I have 35 of the 50 seasons covered from 1930 (Mutual Street Arena) to 1979. We're getting there. 
Now, I've decided to do the same for all the magazines in my collection that feature Maple Leafs covers (most are either Leafs or early Gretzky). The first one above, is a terrific looking cover of Liberty magazine from December 16, 1933. Liberty was a general interest magazine along the lines of The Saturday Evening Post and was published until 1950. Even though this issue depicts Leafs and New York Rangers on the front, there is no corresponding article inside. So, all we get to enjoy is the terrific cover.
This beauty here is from March 1948, Sportfolio magazine picturing Turk Broda on the cover with an in depth article in side. This was a smaller, almost pocket-sized magazine published in Canada that was chock-full of sports articles and photos.
Amongst the article's tidbits are the fact Broda's entire equipment setup costs $200, he won the Leafs team golf championship and plays Handball during the season to keep his reflexes sharp. 

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