Monday, May 27, 2019

1970 Blue Line Hockey Board Game

In addition to the 1957 NHL board game I picked up at the flea market last weekend, I grabbed this beauty. It's a 1970 game from 3M Sports called Blue Line Hockey. 
The back of the box replicates the cool front imagery, the inside of the box displays the many aspects of hockey that are not necessarily conveyed in this game. The game itself seems to have not evolved much from the 1957 issue I posted last week. If anything, the quality of the game has DE-volved, as the 1957 game had some fantastic graphics on the game pieces. 
The game pieces in 1970's Blue Line Hockey shown below are, I suppose more durable than the 1957 cardboard punch-outs, but they are not even close to as appealing a design.
Again, we see the eye-boggling giant checkerboard hockey rink. Truly a sight for sore eyes.
The one thing they did nail is the nicely embossed texture to the back of the game board itself.
The rules are on the inside of the game box. If you feel like trying to delve into them, go ahead. When I look at this, I have flashbacks of high school geometry. Not good memories.
The game does however come with this handsome, stand-alone scoreboard.
This slide-rule tool needed to decipher your scoring does indeed take a point or two away on the fun meter. If you are inclined to torturing your eyes, and being hypnotized by the game surface, as well as a major in calculus or trigonometry...then this game may be just for you!

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