Saturday, January 3, 2009

Curtis Joseph Milestones

This past week, Curtis Joseph finally won his first game of this season. It was the 450th victory in his career, good enough to maintain fourth place on the all-time list. He will in all likelihood remain in fourth for quite a while, he is not going to catch Ed Belfour who is 34 wins ahead, and the nearest active player is Chris Osgood, 75 wins in arears with a 36 year old body that is starting to break down. It's possible that Evgeni Nabokov at 228 wins and 33 years old or Roberto Luongo with 208 wins at 29 years old have a shot at breaking 450 wins.
In addition, to his milestone victory, Cujo will most likely soon top the all-time number for losses by a goaltender. Currently he sits at 348 career losses, right behind "leader" Gump Worsely at 352 and Gilles Meloche with 351. One would expect Joseph to get 5 or 6 more starts from the Leafs and with a current winning pct of .167, the record could well be his.
In addition to the unenviable feat of most career losses, Cujo is also working on another not-so-pleasant number. As of Jan.2/09 he posseses a frightful .849 save percentage. This would be the worst number posted by a goalie playing at least fifteen games since Jimmy Waite had an .843 PCT in 93/94. The immortal Eddie Mio somehow managed to allow a goal on almost 19% of shots put his way in 85/86 for a Save Pct of .817. This is by far the worst number since the stat became official. Also noteworthy is Brian Hayward who, in 52 games for Winnipeg in 85/86 stopped .843 pct of his shots against.

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