Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bobby Poo....

Olympic hangover, workload too big, too much between period Capicolli? Luongo just isn't right.
Sure, he's 6-3-1 since helping Team Canada to Gold, but his GAA in those 10 games is 3.20 and he's allowed three or more in six of them. Since the start of the longest road trip in history, he is 8-6-1 with a 3.17 GAA and only one shutout.

Therin lies the problem for me. I selected Luongo in my work draft with the 8th overall pick, first goalie taken. I was expecting far more than 4 shutouts after he put up 9 last season. In our pool, shutouts are three extra points on top of a goalie win, so they're huge. Therefore, today I have done the unthinkable......
I have dropped Luongo in my pool in favour of Jimmy Howard for a $10 transaction fee. See below the top six in our pool, I'm sitting third place, just inside the money.

At this point I HAVE to stay in at least third to collect the $100 prize money. This is about how much I have put into the pool so far what with all my transactions. I've pretty much conceded catching first place for $650, but would love to grab second place money of $250. The easiest way to secure my spot and make up ground is goalie shutouts.
I realize Howard only has one this year, but Detroit has three games left with Columbus, two with Nashville and one against Edmonton. Plus they're fighting for their playoff lives and Howard should start nine of the ten while Luongo will most likely get seven of the nine. Those two games could make the difference.
I contemplated picking up Pekka Rinne instead of Howard, but Nashville has only eight games left and I don't generally like grabbing guys in the middle of a hot streak, odds are he'll cool down.
In hindsight, I should have went with who I was debating over taking first pick way back in October, Marty Brodeur. His 18 more points than BobbyLu would put me firmly in second and striking distance of first. Oh well. At least for the Canucks, they have the new season of the playoffs to hope Luongo turns it around. Our pool ends with the regular season, I can't wait any longer.
Then of course there's our playoff draft...more fun to come!

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