Monday, March 1, 2010


A better script could not have been written by Hollywood. Crosby, Overtime, Gold....come on. I'm just happy the game wasn't forced into the shootout. That is NOT a way to decide a gold medal. Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't have been so bold to predict a finish like the one we saw. A few other things that would have been impossible to predict.

- Pavol Demitra leading the entire tournament in scoring with 10 points

-Norway's Tore Vikingstad scoring TWICE as many goals as Alex Ovechkin and finishing second overall with 4 goals.

-Brian Rafalski leading the U.S. in points and goals (tied with Parise) with 4 and 8.

-Each of Sweden's and the Czechs defense core notching a grand total of ONE goal, with Niklas Lidstrom coming up completely empty on goals and assists.

-Norway defenseman Jonas Holos playing an average of a ridiculous 28 minutes, 56 seconds per game over four matches.

Well, it's back to the N.H.L. now. Trade deadline, playoff races and my Leafs continuing to suck.
I guess I'll roll my Canada flag back around the hockey stick until I need it again.

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