Monday, April 12, 2010

Cup Predictions and Stuff

There's so many great things in this image.

The greatest time of the year is about to start, The Stanley Cup Playoffs.
A few thoughts on the last week of regular season;
NHL Goals Leaders (Minus Empty Net Goals)
Sidney Crosby 50
Steven Stamkos 48
Alex Ovechkin 45
Patrick Marleau 43
Shorthanded Goals on the Season (Approx 4,940 Minutes)
Minnesota, Montreal, Phoenix 3
Tampa Bay 2
Shorthanded Goals in One Minute, Four Seconds
Boston, April 10 3
Points in last 8 games played
Sidney Crosby, Pitt 20 (6G 14A)
Henrik Sedin, Van 12 (1G 11A)
Alex Ovechkin, Was 11 ( 5G 6A)
Daniel Sedin, Van 14 (8G 6A)
John Tavares, NYI 11 (3G 8A)
Tom Gilbert, Edm 12 (2G 10A)
Fantasy Points Since I dropped Roberto Luongo in favour of Jimmy Howard on March 24
(2 points for a win, 1 for OT Loss, 3 extra for a shutout, 1 for an assist)
Howard 24 points (8-0-1, 2 SO, 1 assist)
Luongo 7 points ( 3-3-1, 0SO, 0 assist)
My Picks for Conference Finalists
Chicago over Detroit in 6
Washington over Pittsburgh 7
Stanley Cup Washington over Chicago in 6

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