Friday, April 9, 2010

Doug Messier, Mark's father

Another recent addition to The Den, this Western Hockey League programme from 1961. The Edmonton Flyers were in their second last year of existence and featured a rookie Doug Messier on defense. The 25 year old was in the middle of a two year self-imposed trial with pro-hockey. He put his teaching career on hold to see if he could make it. In hindsight,it was a good choice, as he went on to play eight full years in the Western circuit. In 67/68 he would actually lead all defensemen in scoring with 44 points in 66 games.

Doug went on to coach in the Alberta Junior League in the early and mid '70s mentoring the likes of 15 year olds Wayne Babych, Tony Currie and sons Paul and Mark Messier. He took a few years off then came back to coach third son Tom in 81/82.
Doug was instrumental in the formation of the Professional Hockey Player's Association and served as it's first Executive Director from 1967-69.

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