Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marty Barry, most points in the 1930's

Who scored the most points in the NHL during the seaons 2000/01 through 09/10? Most good hockey fans would know it was Joe Thornton with 823 points in the decade. This would probably be the toughest decade to name the leader since the 1940's. The 90's were topped easily by Jaromir Jagr with 958 points, the 80's obviously belonged to Gretzky with a ridiculous 1842 points and the 70's were led by Phil Esposito with 1087. All are fairly easy to name, as are the leaders of the 50's and 60's.
Stan Mikita bests teammate Bobby Hull 827 to 786 during the 60's and Gordie Howe easily tops the 50's with 806 points.

This is where it starts getting difficult for even the most diehard hockey fans. The leading point scorer of the 1940's? Not Maurice Richard who even though he played only eight seasons of the decade, easily led in goals scored with 250.It was Chicago's Doug Bentley led the NHL in points during the 40's with 475 points. This brings us to the 1930's.

A few weeks ago in an entry about Alex Ovechkin, I noted that old timer Marty Barry had one of the greatest starts to a career ever. This was somewhat of a surprise to me, but really shouldn't have been as Barry was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1965. I received an email recently from Marty Barry's grand-daughter who had seen my blog, thanking me for shedding some light on her grandpa's scoring exploits. This prompted me to look a little deeper.

Low and behold, tied for most points in the 1930's are Marty Barry and Busher Jackson with 353 points. If you knew that Marty Barry led the NHL in scoring for an entire decade...give yourself a pat on the back. Marty Barry was consistent. He finished fourth in points twice, third once and second once in a six year period. He also missed only two games over ten consecutive years, won two Stanley Cups with Detroit, and a Lady Byng award.

Incidentally, the leader in points during the 1920's was Cy Denneny who's 243 just beats out Howie Morenz by two points.

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