Monday, August 15, 2011

Grant Fuhr and the 14 Assist Season

1983/84 was right in the middle of the era of "fire-wagon" era of hockey history. 12 different players had at least 100 points, 8 scored 50 goals and Gretzky had 87 goals in 74 games. Also, Oiler goaltender Grant Fuhr recorded 14 assists.

Fuhr's own partner Andy Moog collected a mere 1 assist in 38 games played and Oiler Centre Pat Conacher (who also played 45 games) finished 4 points back. The next most ever by a goalie in one season is 9 by Curtis Joseph in 1991/92.

Below is the log of each of Fuhr's assists during that season.
Only two of the assists came while Edmonton was on the powerplay and 10 of them came in the first or second periods. Most of Fuhr's points were during important stages of the game and not during blow-outs (of which the Oilers had many). 9 of his 14 helpers were when the game had no more than a two goal advantage for either team.

Over the course of the 83/84 season, Fuhr out-pointed each of the following players:

  • Steve Konroyd, Calg. 80-1-13-14

  • Joel Queneville, Hart. 80-5-8-13

  • Jean Hamel, Mont. 79-1-12-13

  • Marty Howe, Hart. 69-0-11-11

  • Pat Conacher, Edm. 45-2-8-10

  • Marty McSorley, Pit. 72-2-7-9

  • Ed Hospodar, Hart. 59-0-9-9

  • Paul Woods, Det. 57-2-5-7

  • Dave Lewis, NJ. 66-2-5-7

  • Colin Campbell, Det. 68-3-4-7

  • Mike Kitchen, NJ. 43-1-3-4

  • Jim Kyte, Win. 58-1-2-3

  • Dave Hutchison, Tor. 47-0-3-3

  • Jim Schoenfeld, Bos. 39-0-2-2

Grant Fuhr single-handedly ourscored half of the Hartford Whalers defense core in his truely amazing season.

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