Monday, August 29, 2011

Leafs , Blue Jays and Team Unit

The above photo was uploaded to Twitter by Phoenix Coyote, Paul Bissonnette after an outing at Toronto's Roger Centre. He and about a dozen other NHLers took part in batting practice with a few of the Toronto Blue Jays. Pictured left to right are Phil Kessel, J.P.Arencebia, Brett Lawrie, Bissonette, Tyler Bozak and Cody Franson.

Apparently the boys from the Leafs and the Jays have become fairly chumy. Tyler Bozak posted a photo of the shwag he picked up at the dome. A signed jersey and bats from Arencebia and Lawrie, all with a notation "Team Unit". This seems to be a nickname for the group of young athletes representing Toronto's two main major sports squads. They all tag their twitter comments with it as they support each other's team.

Arencebia goes as far with this support as wearing a Leaf hat during Monday's post game interview. It seems that the cross-team boosterism on Twitter has begun annoying at least one of their teammates. After a Jays victory on Monday, Bozak Tweeted to Arencebia (who went 3 for 4 at the plate), "Sick game. I guess I have to come to the barn every game day now." It was of course tagged with a "teamunit". Bozak's teammate Joffrey Lupul soon after Tweeted, "Hey Bozie, Arencebia get each others phone numbers. You're filling up my timeline..." Arencebia quickly replied, "Don't worry ur part of the unit." Sounds like some secret society these guys are part of....frankly, I'm glad NHL training camps start in just over two weeks.

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