Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summit Series '72, Off to Sweden

Pictured above is Phil Esposito and Team Canada arriving in Toronto from Vancouver, being greeted by 500 fans. The team was also greeted by hundreds of telegrams from all parts of the country. Alan Eagleson said he was "Surprised and gratified," by this. On the subject of Vancouver Eagleson added, "If a similar series is played in the future and I have anything to do with it, no game will be played in Vancouver." Eagleson kept his word through the 1976 and 1981 Canada Cups, finally relenting on Sept. 6, 1984 when Canada lost 4-2 to Sweden before 9,456 spectators.

Russian assistant coach Boris Kulagin said, "We never expected such a result." Defenceman Alexander Ragulin added, "We are all very surprised how the tournament has gone. The Canadian team is very good, but there have been others from Canada as good. I feel the team we played in the 1967 world championships was as good." Interestingly, Ragulin went on to say, "No, I'm not confident about victory in Moscow, and nobody on this team is. We'll say nothing until we've played all eight games."

The Russian squad flew from Vancouver to Montreal Friday night after Game 4, spent the day there Saturday, shopping and playing soccer to stay in shape. Team Canada will leave on Sept 12 for Stockholm before playing an intra-squad game and two against Team Sweden.

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