Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summit Series 1972, Game 4. "Ashamed of being a Canadian."

"I may not say it after I've slept on it," Bill Goldsworthy, the 'goat' of last night's 5-3 pummeling,"but right now, I am ashamed of being a Canadian."
He continued, "You have one bad shift and they're on you. We're playing for our country and that's the kind of support they give you. You're so nervous that you can hardly hold onto the puck after that. There was a time when a guy was proud to get a chance to play for his country. Now it's a shame. Not just here tonight. It was the same in Montreal, and in Toronto and in Winnipeg." Goldsworthy ended by flatly stating, "I'm glad the next four games are in Russia. We'll probably get a better reception there."
Goldsworthy drew two penalties in the first six minutes of the game and watched as the Russians converted on both of them. Each time Boris Mikhailov tipped home a point shot from Vladimir Lutchenko. Of his penalties he said, "I've got to play that way. That's my style. They thought that because I was replacing Cashman, I was going to be the trouble-maker. Well I didn't want to set the tone of the game."
"The whole nation has taken it's lead from the press which has been on us, attacking us since last Saturday night. Pete Mahovlich lamented, "They even gave the Russians a bigger cheer than us before the game started."
Stan Mikita equally incensed, "What the hell do they think we're doing. We're not on vacation. We're playing for them and they don't know what the hell is going on."
Frank Mahovlich, who heard a lot of catcalls in Toronto, heard more last night. "Everything about this series has been a complete puzzle to me." he sighed.
Of course Phil Esposito famously said it best in a live TV interview with Johnny Esaw right after the game ended. "To give up my summer and a ton of money, and then to be booed, is beneath my dignity," he repeated to the print media right after. "I'm really disappointed - and every guy on the team is behind what I said. I'm disappointed in the fans in Winnipeg and the fans here (Vancouver), and the press in general."
Brad Park added to the discourse, "I won't be back next year if they play again. Maybe the year after, but not next summer. I gave up too much this year to play for this team and then, to be booed, it really makes you wonder." And then Montreal Gazette Sports Editor Ted Blackman added something that makes researching these old quotes all worthwhile.
'Park felt he'd donated an important month of his life to Team Canada, his wife having given birth to their first child the day after the Russia - Canada opener. He was concerned because his wife is also his first cousin.' ...Hands up if you knew that?
As always, Ken Dryden brought some cerebral, if long-winded thoughts to the table saying, "I'm disappointed, but I can understand it. The fans wanted us to do really good, and they're frustrated we didn't. I didn't think I deserved to be booed. Tretiak frustrated us, but I guess I didn't frustrate them enough. Still, I didn't deserve it."
The Russian party flew out to Toronto almost immediately after the game enroute to Moscow. While Canada would head to Sweden for two exhibition games, Sinden adding, "It can't be a holiday that's for sure."


TruLib said...

I heard a story that the night before the Vancouver game a group of the Canadian players drank at the Bayshore Inn - Trader Vic's until the wee hours. Maybe that contributed to a so-so performance later that day.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe that even now the canadian players think they were being booed because they were losing-i own the series on dvd-and the fans booed because the team resorted to INSANELY dirty hockey,the fans were rightly disgusted and ashamed-its funny how every player on team canada got real big balls because the russians didnt fight-disgrace

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