Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stanley Cup Blackout, The Lost Box Score

Bylaw 27.12
"any playoff game that is unfinished...for any cause beyond the control of the clubs...shall be replayed in it's entirety at the end of the series, if necessary, and it shall be played in the rink in which the unfinished game occurred."
Not only did the power go out at the old Boston Garden just as Edmonton's goal by Craig Simpson was being announced, but there was also the issue of the fog. Five times during the second period, referee Denis Morel had the teams empty their benches to skate around in attempt to clear the fog.
After  NHL president John Ziegler met with officials for 30 minutes, he decided to not continue play even though power had been restored. At 10:07pm the lights were back on without the help of a generator and several players returned to the ice but 95 percent of the crowd had been evacuated.
The Bruins said the building was cleared for security reasons as police feared the backup generators would not last long.
Of course the game would not need to be replayed as the Oilers would complete the sweep at home two nights later. The individual stats from the cancelled game did indeed count toward the player's records. Sites such as and hockey summary project do not have the box score of the game, so here it is.

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JeffB said...

Good entry and a good tale. Nice to see you have preserved the boxscore for us as well.

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