Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1948/49 Hockey Album

I picked up this gem on the weekend, a 65 year old book just loaded with rare photos. The photos are from the legendary Turofsky Studios of Toronto.

Pictured above are very early shots of Gordie Howe and Bill Barilko. Howe is 19 years-old here and Barilko is 20 in his first full season of the NHL. The Howe picture is the one that was colourised and used on his rookie hockey card 1951/52 Parkhurst.

Here's a fantastic shot of the penalty box loaded with Leafs and Bruins. Baby-faced Bill Barilko is caught staring into the lens.

Times have certainly changed. Leaf, Gus Mortson is being carted off on a stretcher after a big hit. Not carried by doctors or paramedics, but by ushers and policemen. No neck brace, using simply his glove as a head-rest.

Another example of the long-gone tradition of teams sharing the penalty box.

A rookie Red Kelly of the Red Wings and Leaf Vic Lynn surrounded by Wings. Goaltender, Harry Lumley following the deflected puck past the camera.

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