Friday, November 15, 2013

Showdown '78 Poster

I had this poster on my bedroom wall as a kid and had kind of forgotten about it. It probably is one of the first pieces of the collection that came to be my Hockey Den. Showdown was a contest staged by the NHLPA and shown during intermissions on Hockey Night in Canada. It was filmed in one day in the summer and shown over the course of the following season. I figured it was time to scan this thing. Just check out the lineup, ten of the 16 guys ended up in the Hall of Fame.

As well as stars of the current day, old-time greats were brought out to conduct a shootout. Just amazing to see these guys in full uniform at their age. Gump Worsley was 49 years old and Johnny Bower 53. George Armstrong at 48 and Andy Bathgate at 46 looked like they could still play in the NHL. 
Maurice Richard was 57 years old during Showdown '78 and still had the intensity in his eyes.

47 year old Dickie Moore is thwarted by a text-book Johnny Bower pokecheck.

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