Monday, February 17, 2014

1984 Olympic Hockey, Canada vs Russia

"Basically, it was a two-three system with one guy skating backwards in the middle to deflect the attack to either side," commented Canadian coach Dave King after the game against the Soviet Union. "I had heard the Calgary Flames used it when they beat the Russians on their tour, and that the Swedes and Czechs sometimes used a forward like a defenceman."

Whatever it was, it didn't work as the mighty Soviets, after being held scoreless for half the game, beat Canada 4-0 to advance to the Gold Medal game. Outshot by 26-10, Canada was never really in the game. Vladimir Kovin and Alexander Kozhevnikov broke through in the second to make it 2-0. This score stood until there were just over five minutes left in the third when Alexander Skvortsov iced the game with a shorthanded marker. Nikolai Drozdetsky was given the final goal when Canadian defender Warren Anderson put one into his own net.

Canada would now play Sweden for the Bronze Medal after they lost 2-0 to the Czechs. Swedish coach Anders Parmstrom said, "Our strategy against Canada depends on how many healthy bodies we have." The problem arose when Sweden lost defencemen Goran Lindblom and Bo Ericsson to knee injuries in the Czech game. This after their best defender Michael Thelven was also lost to a knee injury and sent home earlier. The coach continued, "We beat Canada 3-2 at Izvestia but they have a much better team now. The third medal (Bronze) is important to us, especially against Canada." 

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