Saturday, February 15, 2014

1984 Olympic Hockey, Canada vs. Czechoslovakia

"Miracles happen every 20 years. They happened twice, both in the States (1960, 1980). There will be no miracles here in Sarajevo." This was Canadian assistant coach Jean Perron after his team lost 4-0 to the powerful Czechs to assure a match up with the even more powerful Soviets. Canada's next game would be against the undefeated Soviet Union to decide which team would play for the Gold medal of the 1984 Olympics. Perron continued,"We're realistic enough to know we can't beat the Russians, so we have to make sure we're ready to play for the bronze medal."

Against the Czechs, Mario Gosselin was his usual solid self, but this time he was actually outplayed by the opposing goaltender. "It's safe to say goaltending was the difference," continued a still dour Perron. "Mario played okay, but we needed an absolutely great performance. I think their goalie was better." "Their goalie" being Jaromir Sindel who turned aside all 32 shots directed his way. 

Perron wrapped up his depressing summation,"We don't have a very good offensive club. And we didn't play well enough on offence to beat the Czechs. We can score goals, but we did it against Austria, Norway, teams like that. But it's no disgrace getting shut out by the Czechs. They're a lot better than the Americans, and they're a lot better than us, too. Our players have to be realistic."

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