Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hockey Photos From Government of Canada Archives

Si Griffis, Newsy Lalonde, Allan Parr, Smokey Harris, Sibby Nicholls, Frank Patrick, Jack Ulrich, Tommy Phillips
I recently discovered the online archives of the Library and Archives of the Government of Canada. Within, I found these terrific old hockey photos. The first one (above) is labelled simply Vancouver Hockey Team 1912-13 with a few familiar faces but no names listed. The Society for International Hockey Research database made identifying these guys fairly easy. The team is the Vancouver Millionaires and the photo itself it looks as if the team picture was taken in a sauna room. I'm not certain why an all wood room was chosen as location for this, but I like it.
Vancouver Asahi 
The next photo from the archives is this cool one of the Vancouver Asahi hockey club. The Asahi (Morning Sun) are better known as a baseball squad from Vancouver's Japanese community competing in the Terminal League from 1914 until 1941. It would seem the club also had a hockey team, at least in 1919/20. The club was disbanded when after the attacks at Pearl Harbour, Japanese Canadians were subsequently re-located to internment camps.
W. Johnston
The last two photos are titled simply "W. Johnston of the Vancouver Hockey Club. March 1915". I'm assuming this is just a Senior level squad from way back when, but I can find no W.Johnston in the databases. For that matter, I can find no mention of a team specificlly referred to as Vancouver Hockey Club. Either way, I like the olde-tymey logo.

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