Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bobby Orr Overtime Cup Winner, 46 years ago today

As any good hockey fan on scoial media knows, today is the 46th anniversary of one of the greatest goals ever scored. Here are two other photos of the iconic goal found on Google news archives. They are both creditied to the Associated Press Wire Service, but were taken from slightly different angles. Both are approximately 180 degrees rotated from the more well-known shot pictured below.
"After the third period I told the fellows, 'look, let's not do too much thinking. We've lived and died playing our gung ho hockey all along.' We went out there to attack. If we died by it, we died by it.", coach Harry Sinden summed up his advice for his Bruins as they entered overtime. 

Orr himself admitted he took a gamble on the winner when he tried to beat Blues' Larry Keenan to a loose puck inside the St.Louis end. "I guess it was. (a gamble) I get caught like that sometimes but at other times it works. This time it worked." Derek Sanderson decribed the play in fairly simplistic terms, "It came in from the left point. I fed Bobby from the back of the net and all he had to do was flip the puck over Noel Picard's stick."

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