Friday, May 20, 2016

Vintage Vancouver Amateur Teams

Vancouver Waterfront HC 1933
I found these two cool team photos over at the Vancouver Archives database. The first is of a squad called Vancouver Waterfront from 1933 that played in the amateur Vancouver Commercial League. The circuit included other teams such as Vancouver Ex-King George, New Westminster Cubs and Vancouver Merolomas. The one player I can identify for certain is at front row, far right as Art Jerwa. He was older brother to Frank and Joe Jerwa who both were playing in the NHL at that time with Boston Bruins. 

Interestingly, the Waterfronts would make the championship game in 1933 and lose in a fairly unique fashion. Playing the Vancouver Sun in the final, the teams split the first two games of the series before the deciding match on March 3, 1933. After three periods, the fifth game was tied, scoreless. However, league officials, fed up with too many games finishing in a draw, had previously decided that all games that ended even would be called "no contest" and be replayed in full. The second game would commence right away. However, after another full game, the teams remained tied. The following day's newspaper wrote, "the fair-sized crowd sat back to wait for the boys to come out for the third game. They were getting their money's worth and seemed to enjoy the marathon."

The heads of the league huddled to see what would be done next. League official, Stan Smith issued the ultimatum that the teams must finish the series "if it took them until morning to do so." 

After the break, the Suns came out for the third full game of the night but the exhausted Waterfronts refused to do so. Referee George Irvine had no choice but to drop the puck with only one team on the ice. The Suns went through with the formality of scoring a goal into the empty netto clinch the game and the series, but alas, referee Irvine called them back to do it again as there was no goal judge in place. That they did, and they were declared champions.

The second photo is of the 1929/30 Vancouver Athletic Club, with players names listed. There again at front, right is Art Jerwa. None of these guys played professional ever, but they sure got to wear some great jerseys with the V.A.C. this season.
Vancouver Athletic Club 1929/30

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